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The lyrics of the protagonist are the inspiration to conceive a visual landscape of the social reality and politics of the different places.

The aim of « Rebel Voices » is to see Hip Hop as a narrative thread linking stories of struggle and resistance to the neoliberal system that generates economic and social apartheid. Working in two dimensions: from a local point of view (barrios) and from a global perspective, reflecting how the market economy is repeatedly a cause of violence, marginality and inequality everywhere. Tending a bridge that allows us to understand some of the different struggles with common roots that use Hip Hop as a kind of loudspeaker and form of expression, this work is meant to see how creativity is used to negotiate the borders imposed by the current geopolitical re-organization of the world.

Music has always been part of the identity of towns and culture. This continues to be the case in the 21st century, but now it is as part of the global culture, which fuses and is reinvented as sounds and local customs are mixed, in a constantly enriching dynamic. Hip Hop is a music that has, since its origins in marginality, been defined by the struggle against invisibility, and the constant search for identity. « Rebel Voices » doesn’t aim to delve deep into the origins of Hip Hop, but rather to use this culture to gain a deeper understanding of seemingly different countries on different continents, which have a shared origin. The lyrics are the inspiration to conceive a visual landscape of the social reality and politics of the different places. In this way, the voices of these protagonists surrounded by extremely complex conflicts will help to find a different way of expressing themes relating to marginality.

It is interesting to see how globalisation has managed to spread Hip Hop from the most powerful country (the USA) to the rest of the world. But its no less interesting to see how, when the established formulas of the globalizing process of power are changed, from a counter-power, the result isn’t homogenisation but rather reappropriation and transformation, which generate another form of globalisation, that of resistance.

« Rebel Voices » wishes to see conflicts from another perspective, looking at societies form a constructive point of view, without turning away from pain and injustice. An authentic remix of culture, politics and resistance.

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    oriana el sitio esta re bueno, te mando un abrazo grande y podes contar con nosotros para lo q sea…


    ( RaM )-etcrew-estricta familia berissense-


    q siga el rap inteligente !

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