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The blog comes out of the need to reflect about what happens when we go further than mere photography, further than just image or music, reaching the limits of representation, our own life crossing paths with real life experience.

« Rebel Voices » started by photographer Oriana Eliçabe in 2006 as a project about conscious hip-hop in Latin America and in Senegal. It was co-produced by Piraván. Hip-hop is the connecting line, interweaving the lives of people living in the out-skirts of different cities around the globe. Through creativity, these people express resistance to a system that marginalizes them, generating social and economic apartheid. Rappers, both women and men, are the protagonists. In their diversity, they represent something global right from their own neighbourhood.

« Rebel Voices » was a series of encounters that formed part of the photo exhibition that took place in September 2009 in La Laboral. This blog is the result of these encounters (which we called The Meeting). Ten rappers coming from Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina and Senegal participated in these encounters.

In this blog you will find the photographic documentary, you can read reflections regarding the encounters, watch videos, listen and download the song that was collectively produced and much, much more. The music video will be uploaded shortly.

Please send us your comments and proposals. You can log-in from Facebook or from the website itself. A lot of the content is in Spanish and in French so pass this info along to your most far away contacts. there’s no excuse!

« Rebel Voices » wishes to see conflicts from another perspective, looking at societies form a constructive point of view, without turning away from pain and injustice. An authentic remix of culture, politics and resistance.

Visit the blog. And pass the info!


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