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Music Video

Music video of Rebel Voices and the making off pictures.


Right now in Senegal there are about 3,000 hip hop groups, the majority of which come from the ghettos on the periphery of the cities.


Cuban Hip Hop is charged with social criticism, which global mass media incorrectly spins as contrary to the Cuban Revolution. But through their attitude, the rappers have shown that they are seeking a “positive social transformation”. One that is based, among other things, on a respect for differences.


The social conflict over water and gas in 2003 sparked off social awareness and led many young people to organize themselves around Hip Hop culture as a way of materializing the process of change.


Past exhibition of Rebel Voices.

Common causes

Causas comunes//Common causes

Publication in hip hop life magazine

Rebel Voices in Hip Hop Life Magazine.


The lyrics of the protagonist are the inspiration to conceive a visual landscape of the social reality and politics of the different places.

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