Presentación en Gotemburgo (Suecia)

Presentación en Gotemburgo (Suecia)

Presentación de Voces Rebeldes en el en el seminario Culturas Urbanas: Arte, Arquitectura, Movimientos sociales y vida cotidiana, en el The Gothenburg City Museum (Suecia).
Sábado 28 de Mayo 2011 – 17h
Norra Hamngatan 12
411 14 Göteborg

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Seminar 28th of May 2011: On Urban Cultures: Art,
Architecture, Social Movements and Everyday Life

The seminar series is part of the project DiverCit, in collaboration with The Gothenburg
City Museum.

Presenting alternative urban practices, the seminar series continues to explore the
notions of the public, community and participation. The aim of the seminars is to
contribute to a public debate on the role of Art, Architecture and Culture in the
Contemporary City. The aim is to set the framework for a public discussion and to
explore tools, strategies and modes of working in the contemporary city.

DiverCity is a project aiming to set the framework for a public discussion and to explore
tools, strategies and modes of working in the contemporary city. The seminar series
explores issues of the role or Art, Architecture and Culture in the contemporary City and
modes of working for a future ecologically sustainable urban development .
The intention is to find ways to begin to understand and translate culture differences into
public space, and to catalyze a public debate on urban development involving social
and cultural local processes and space for negotiation. How we can develop strategies
for a social and ecological urban process and development – a city of diversity? What
are the modes of working and what is the role artistic and spatial practices can have in
social, spatial and political change?
The seminar series is supported by The Committee of Cultural Affairs, Gothenburg City,
The Gothenburg City Museum, within The project Central RiverCity and the School of
Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology.
For more information contact: DiverCity project leader, Ana Betancour, Artistic Professor
in Urban Design, Chalmers School of Architecture.
Programme (In process)

Saturday 28 of May 11 – 17 o’clock

Introduction and Welcome

Oriana Elicabe (Buenos Aires): Rebel Voices
Music has always been part of the identity of towns and culture. In her project Rebel
Voices Oriana Eliçabe sees Hip Hop as a narrative, the thread linking stories of struggle
and resistance to the neoliberal system that generates economic and social apartheid.
An essential aim of the project is to use photography to make visible the internal borders
that divide cities. Emotional and psychological borders, linked to the process of
gentrification, that are manifested in social, economic and racial differences. From a
local point of view (neighbourhoods) and from a global perspective, documenting the
culture of Hiphop in different cities in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. The
documentary uses slides and evolves through contact with peripheral neighbourhoods
with young Hip Hop virtuosos, monitoring the everyday life that they live. Their lyrics
have been Eliçabe’s inspiration to conceive a visual landscape of the social reality and
politics of the different places. Their voices may give a framework for finding a different
way of expressing issues of marginality and resistance.

Film: Path through Utopias, A book-film project by Isabelle Fremeaux and John
Blurring the fluid boundaries between present and future, documentary and fiction,
Paths Through Utopias is a utopian road movie exploring a post-capitalist Europe. Shot
during a 7 month journey in 2008 visiting ten utopian experiments, the film is half of the
book-film project published in France by Editions Zones. From the direct action Climate
Camp set up illegally besides Heathrow airport to a hamlet squatted by French art
punks, occupied self-managed Serbian factories to a free love commune in an ex Stasi
base, this magicorealist travelogue transports us to a parallel universe where money is
worthless and private property has been abolished.

Enmedio (Barcelona) and the Collective 9 – 5 (Hamburg) will present their
collectives and the project: Participate against participation

To be confirmed
Tor Lindstrand (International Teater Festival and Economy)
Stefan Jonsson (Södertörn University, Culture Studies),
Marion Hamm (Communication Guerilla)
Mathais Wågh, Samira Ariadad and others from local activist Network Stadskamp,
Planka etc


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